Mobile Escape Room

Sometimes gathering a larger group is just too much work.  If that is the case we can come to you.  We have a mobile experience that can accommodate 10-200 participants.

Our mobile option is a competition style game, where teams will compete to solve puzzles and clues faster than the other teams playing.

The Secret Society

You receive an invitation in the mail. You crack the code and you find yourself in group of people all trying to get into this secret society. Do you and your team have what it will take to earn one of the limited spots in this society or will you find yourself on the outside looking in wondering what they have planned for the people that failed.


Spy Games

There has been shootings all over the city and you and a group of best detectives have been invited in to take part in the investigation.  Does your team have what it takes to solve this mystery before the criminal strikes again? Or will another group of detectives take the joy from you?